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The bioinformatics platform has been created in 2016 to support scientists in omics data analysis and managment. Our missions are :

  • performing bioinformatics analysis as project partner
  • skills and knowledge from bioinformatician to scientist through training sessions or internship supervisions
  • ensuring a technological watch and propose state of art tools
  • development and implementation of new tools to satisfy specific scientific requirements
  • proposals of managment plans for raw and analyzed data produced by scientits
Platform members :
LAPALU Nicolas

Nicolas Lapalu (group leader)

SIMON Adeline

Adeline Simon (50% platform - 50% ECCP)

Antoine LOTH (M1 student : 05/2024 -> 08/2024)

N. Lapalu & A. Simon are members of CATI BARIC.

In this folder

Preprint about the complete genome of the Medicago anthracnose fungus, Colletotrichum destructivum, reveals a mini-chromosome-like region within a core chromosome.

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