Axis 1

Axis 1 - Adaptive dynamics in populations of Z. tritici

Our objective in Axis 1 is to understand the processes responsible for adaptive dynamics in populations of Z. tritici, in response to various biotic/abiotic factors and homogeneous vs. heterogeneous selection pressures.

1.1. Highlighting multi-trait local adaptations (virulence, aggressiveness/fitness) to different factors (host species or variety, types of canopy, temperature, and humidity), possibly interacting with antifungal molecules (collaboration with the AMAR team).

1.2. Understanding the adaptive dynamics of populations in heterogeneous environments and their epidemiological consequences, aiming for a balance between "efficiency" and "sustainability" of resistances.

1.3. Characterizing epidemiological processes centered on inoculum and related to the host-pathogen population interaction.

1.4. Understanding the adaptation of Z. tritici to combinations of control methods to make them more sustainable.

Modification date : 06 March 2024 | Publication date : 09 May 2016 | Redactor : Frédéric Suffert