Axis 2

Axis 2 - Genetic determinism and genomics of Z. tritici adaptation

Our objective in Axis 2 is to understand the genetic and genomic determinism of Z. tritici adaptation to its hosts (species, variety, heterogeneous population) and its abiotic environment (temperature) and to characterize the allelic diversity within pathogen populations.

2.1. Develop QTL mapping approaches, genotype-phenotype or genotype-environment associations, genomic scans, as well as meta-analysis of QTL and GWAS data.

2.2. Identify R-AVR pairs and study the phenotypic consequences of allelic variability of these pairs (genetics of resistance, coGWAS approach).

2.3. Monitor the evolutionary dynamics of genes involved in adaptation within populations of Z. tritici from contrasting environments (interest in epidemiological surveillance).

Modification date : 08 March 2024 | Publication date : 09 May 2016 | Redactor : Frédéric Suffert